About Us

Even though Last Of R Kind was started in February of 2020, it wasn’t made official until June 19th 2020 aka Juneteenth. That day was the launch day and birthday of  Last Of R Kind. L.O.O.K. has developed a clothing line that will be stylish yet affordable to people who enjoy great clothing. 

As a young boy Jhmyle has always been involved in fashion being a model and actor but it wasn’t until now that he is on the other side of the runway and is now designing clothes for models and the public. With “LAYDEE LOOK” helping him bring his vision to real life, this dynamic duo will not stop until they leave a legacy that can be passed to the next generation.

You might be asking “why is there 2 O’s in their name if it’s Last Of “R” Kind”? We like to be creative here at L.O.O.K. We want everyone to have their own imagination of what our logos and designs mean to them. It's really an infinity sign but also makes you think that it is 2 “O’s”. We have heard other things as well which is exactly what we want! Last Of R Kind aims to differentiate ourselves from the basic and simple everyday clothing brand. Jhmyle has worn clothing for many different designers and brands but he felt that he hasn’t always had a connection to them. We want to make sure that our clothing makes you feel that you are a part of our Last Of R Kind Family. 

Our clients consist of a multitude of different people across generations. L.O.O.K. is bringing a retro theme to modern day times. Our older consumer base is going to be able to capture old memories of TV shows, electronics, sports teams and other classics that they remember. Our younger crowd is going to be able to find out about product history while being able to relate to the new age remix of the clothing! Limits are Undefined here at Last Of R Kind!